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Art and Science of Clean

Video: The World's Hardest Working Doormat

Clean machine technology holds and hides over one pound of dirt, Less dirt enters your home, means less cleaning. Resists mildew and moisture, Great in snow or hot weather, Care: Shake out dirt and wash with garden hose

Kitchen News and Houseware Review Daily asks makers
of the iconic AstroTurf® Scaper Doormat to dig into the dirt
about their product.

KNSD: Carey, it seems like you guys always have a titillating topic for the Housewares Show. I know your company exhibits in the heart of the "Clean + Contain" segment of the show but why talk about dirt?

CW: Well dirt is our raison d'etre. Over 50 years ago, our engineers were given the task of creating a new class of doormat that would not only scrape shoes clean, but hold and hide that dirt so it wouldn't get tracked into the home. Our specially designed AstroTurf® blades were engineered to solve that problem. I guess we are perfectly positioned in this area as our mats achieve both: "Clean + Contain" (the dirt).

KNSD: You say, at least 80% of the dirt in the house comes from outside? Where does that number come from?

CW: It comes from my old friend Don Aslett, who many call "America's Cleaning Expert". Here is the exact quote from his best-selling book: "Do I Dust or Vacuum First?" and I quote, "You should use mats both inside and out the entrances to your home or dwelling! At least 80% of the dirt in your home originates outside; and most of that comes in on people, stuck on their clothes and their feet." He learned this from over 40 years of cleaning homes and commercial properties. He estimates it costs over $600 to clean a pound of dirt out of a commercial building!

KNSD: I can believe that. I see the legions of workers in the halls after the Housewares Show. What about the home? Same opportunity to save on cleaning supplies?

CW: We designed our Clean Machine Scraper Mats, with their "Triple Action Cleaning", to grab, hold and hide about a pound of dirt per week per mat. So you do the math; less harsh chemicals and less vacuuming while protecting today's very expensive floors means big savings. We also know a cleaner home is a healthier home. Bottom line; it saves time, energy, and money that can be used on other decorative items sold for "inside" the home.

KNSD: So it sounds like you guys are all about the science... what's the "art" side?

CW: We know doormats are also purchased for durability and appearance. That's why we are constantly updating our product line with new color technology and design. Our brand new "French Quarter" scraper mat pictured above is a great example, the perfect balance of form and function. Our mats make for a better, cleaner home, and each week when consumers dump the dirt, I like to think they have a little knowing grin on their face.

KNSD: You did it again... helped me learn something new. Okay... which do I do first... dust or vacuum?

CW: I guess you'll have to buy Don's book to find out! Oh, and don't forget we have always been "USA Made." for more information, download a copy of our current Whole house Catalog, where we talk more about the Science (and Art) of CLEAN.

Over fifty years after the creation of the patented AstroTurf® process; our unique, grass-like blades remain a symbol of innovation, providing an unparalleled cleaning surface that stops dirt at the door.

To date, we have sold over 50 million mats, keeping tons of dirt outside homes and earning a special place in the American landscape.