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Product Specifications:

3' Width x 50' Length:
Color: Black

Physical Description:

Polyethylene grass-like blades

Crushed/textured blades collected in buds

8 Blades per bud

Blade Height is 0.6 Inch

Grab Tensile Strength: 150 lbs. ASTM D-1682

Specifications on Stock Rolls:

Item #10246127

25" Diameter x 50' Length

Weight: 80 lbs.

For Longitudinal Concrete
Texturing Prior to Tining

Smoothes minor honeycombs in
wearing surface

Increases friction

Sold in rolls
(Rolls can be shipped via UPS.)

Better than burlap
(Reusable: can be hosed clean)

Used for sidewalks, highways, runways

Thousands of flexible polyethylene
cutting blades score the concrete
surface in an irregular, highly effective
linear pattern. See detail at left.


Physical Properties Performance:
AstroTurf ® Polyethylene Matting and
Transverse Tining
FN40 = (62-77) ASTM E-274*
FN = Friction Number, 40 = Miles Per Hour

* An ASTM number over 36 is considered to be in the satisfactory range of friction quality for pavement skid resistance.