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  • Scientific Testing: Our commercial mats were tested against competitor mats under carefully controlled conditions.
  • The objective was to determine how many steps it would take before dirt was transferred into a building.
  • The Result: Even after four times more steps, Clean Machine Commercial Scraper Mats kept the dirt out of the building!
  • The competition wasn't even close.

Typical Physical Properties
and Sales Specifications

  • Commercial Grade AstroTurf® Stands up to heavy Traffic
  • High-performance polymer blend cleaning surface and embossed industrial grade rubber edging for longer life
  • Chemical-resistant to most common chemicals
  • Tested by outside laboratories
  • Chemir/Polytech slip-resistant and tear-resistant backing
  • Surface Flammability:
         Passes US Dept of
         Commerce FF 2-70
  • Flame Spread Rating:
         Class A (ST 18-502/1)
  • Total Thickness:
         Approximately .75"
  • Standard Sizes in Cinder (See at top right)
  • Ask about our Runners in Multiple Colors 36" x (up to) 50' long
  • Ask about our warranty


Our Clean Machine Commercial Scraper Doormats are made from Genuine AstroTurf® right here in the USA. The AstroTurf® surface comes in a beautiful cinder color that will go with any decor. It makes a great first impression at the business entrance with the overall appearance and texture of natural grass. It also provides an unparalleled cleaning surface which cleans better than any other doormat.

Four Standard Sizes
in Cinder with Black Rubber Edging

LEED Credit Qualification

IEQ Credit 3.5 Green Cleaning
-Indoor Chemical and Pollutant
Source Control
  • May qualify when utilized as part of an entryway control program.

  • Must be used in conjunction with indoor program and meet certain size requirements.

Real World Testing: Thirty people wearing muddy shoes, walked a dozen times each across three different mats: a Clean Machine Commercial Scraper Mat, an Olefin Wiper Mat and a Ribbed Wiper/Scraper mat. (Chemir / Polytech Laboratories, Inc. 2002)

The Result: After a total of three hundred and sixty trips across the mats, we weighed each mat to see which held more dirt. Our Clean Machine Commercial Scraper Mat held four times more dirt then the other mats!

This test clearly demonstrates that the Clean Machine Commercial Scraper Mats does a superior job of stopping dirt at the door and keeping the building clean.

The Clean Machine Scraper Mat collected 4 lbs.
The competition collected 1 lb.


Use indoors and outdoors in medium and heavy foot traffic areas including:

  • Hotels, Resorts & Motels
  • Convention Centers
  • Sports Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Malls, Shops & Stores
  • Residential

Durable & Long-lasting

Chemical-resistant to most common chemicals

Removes and traps dirt beneath surface

Slip-resistant backing

Commercial quality that stands up to heavy traffic