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AstroTurf® was designed in 1965 to mimic the appearance and natural benefits of real grass. So, we feel right at home on a golf course.

AstroTurf® is the perfect surface for the non-playing surfaces of the modern golf course. The texture and appearance will provide a dynamic new option for pathways, walkways, grade changes and steps. It is long-lasting and durable and will look great for years.

Installation can be easily made over a wide variety of substrates even, in many cases, directly over the existing surface that is being replaced. Our standard color, Cinder, blends well with grass and compliments other ground surfaces such as concrete, asphalt paving and gravel.

AstroTurf® Landscape Surfaces offer the features that will enhance your course appearance while protecting the indoor facilities. We believe in keeping the dirt and sand outside, on the course and the inside areas clean. Our hard-working AstroTurf® Scraper Doormats at every entrance to the clubhouse, pro shop and other interior areas will grab, hold and hide up to 1 pound of dirt per week at every door.

The textured grass-like surface reduces the risk of slippage in wet areas. It is also resistant to most chemicals and fertilizers.

The surface does not absorb water. The patented construction of AstroTurf® allows moisture to flow through to the backing, eliminating standing water and reducing algae growth. The Polyethylene formulation guards against mildew, fungi and bacterial growth. It is a real safeguard for erosion and drainage issues.

Durable, light-weight construction means easy handling and installation. It trims quickly with a razor knife for custom fitting in most areas. Once properly installed, AstroTurf® Landscape Surfaces are highly resistant to wind uplift.

Generally, wind and rain will keep AstroTurf® looking great. However, when cleaning is needed, it's simple: just sweep it, blow it or wash it down with a hose.

Club members love the addition of AstroTurf® to the course because it adds to the aesthetic beauty of the grounds, while it keeps the interior areas cleaner and more inviting.

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