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Americans spend up to 5 hours per day on leisure and recreational activities.

It's true, Americans are obsessed with taking it easy and having some fun. While these activities include everything from playing interactive games to mountain climbing, the trend appears to be growing towards activities that burn calories.

To answer this growing demand, The GrassWorx has developed a number of specific landscape and specialty applications of our successful AstroTurf® product line.

Most notably, our AstroTurf® Snow Sport Surfaces and our AstroTurf® Landscape Surfaces are raising the bar for alternative landscape surfaces including: specific sport training, facility enhancement and protection as well as grounds erosion and drainage.

For more information on our complete line of proven AstroTurf® Landscape and Specialty Applications just click on the pictures below.

We also have other Landscape and Specialty Application concepts in our pipeline. If you have a landscape or specialty application problem please contact The GrassWorx. Let us show you how we can adapt to fit your needs.