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Industry Breakthrough:
AstroTurf® SnowSport Surfaces,
the breakthrough infrastructure
support for alternative snow surfaces

For over thirty years
AstroTurf® SnowSport Surfaces
is the original polyethylene,
injection-molded, dry ski matting
material. It has earned a highly
respected reputation on the
natural ski and snowboard hills
of Europe and Asia. Plus it has
an equally outstanding record
on man-made indoor and
outdoor slopes.

And now it is being used 
in the most prestigious ski
resorts in North America.

Our SnowSport Surfaces offer the
ideal dry surface for: link & lift
substrates, skiing & snowboarding
tobogganing & tube sliding and
extending the ski season.

Three basic colors:

  • White for ski, link & lift
    and snowboarding areas
  • Green for environmentally
    sensitive areas and
  • Safety Red/White to
    indicate safety zones

Additional colors are available.
Just check with your GrassWorx
sales rep for more information.


  • Beautiful, it looks like fresh fallen snow and is easy to keep clean
  • Durable, it is an easily maintained material that holds its shape and will last for years
  • Will not adversely affect ski equipment
  • Compatible with standard ski and snowboard equipment
  • Closed-cell design offers a safe medium for the user
  • Restricts snow from compacting and causing icing on its surface
  • 20 mm thick under-pad enhances ski performance and provides an additional measure of safety (Not necessary for link and lift)
  • Installs easily to a wide variety of substrates

AstroTurf® SnowSport Surfaces are perfect for Link and Lift applications. Finished areas are clean and sharp, need less shoveling and will look great for years and years.

AstroTurf® SnowSport is the cost-effective solution to all types of year-round winter sports activities.

GrassWorx SnowSport Surfaces are perfect for literally all artificial ski slopes from learning facilities for small children up to pro-level free-style skiing, aerial ramps and mogul slopes. Snowboarding quarter pipes, half pipes, jumps, rails and slope-style areas also adapt well to our SnowSport Surfaces.

In addition, tobogganing slides, tubing runs and cross-country applications can be made even more fun for all ages when the infrastructure is supported by GrassWorx SnowSport Surfaces.

SnowSport, with its unique combination of pile and 'springy' performance, has earned an enviable reputation for combining the high quality gliding and edging characteristics best suited to all skiing and snowboarding disciplines.  

Skis and snowboards have to glide on the surface, yet generate resistance to their direction of travel when turned across the slope. Gliding requires low friction while high friction is required when traveling (edging) across the slope.

The 19 mm pile of our SnowSport makes its gliding characteristics particularly appealing to ski aerialists, free-ride skiers and snowboarders using ramps and kickers. The stiffness of the bristles of the pile provides sufficient resistance to lateral motion.

Do the current warmer winter temperatures have you and your business down?

Recently, warmer temperatures have been cutting into the winter sports season throughout the United States and Canada.

GrassWorx SnowSport Surfaces will extend the skiing season by weeks, or months and offers the opportunity of an additional revenue stream during the off-season.

GrassWorx SnowSport Surfaces is the right product at the right price at the right time and is perfect for The Ski Area Recreational Opportunity Enhancement Act. (S. 382/H.R. 765)

SnowSport Installation:

Each installation is different. GrassWorx can provide design/oversight expertise at the earliest stage.

Depending on the complexity of the final design, installation can usually be completed by a local construction crew under the direction of one of our GrassWorx project managers.

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