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Our unique Parts-Saver Construction saves components and minimizes breakage and damage to dropped parts. Pick Sure Base for greater productivity, protection and profits!


Broken parts cost money. Sure Base will reduce the losses incurred, when dropped parts become broken parts.

#1: Impact Absorption
The deep, resilient tufts cushion and protect dropped objects from damage on impact. Tests prove an 11% improvement on impact absorption over other tested surfaces, due to our unique Parts-Saver Construction.

#2: Compression Protection
In addition, Sure Base will protect dropped parts from compression damage. Deep tufts in the matting fibers trap small items and will prevent them from being crushed underfoot. It's a fact: Sure Base provides nearly a 27% increase in protection over hard surfaces!


Sure Base Industrial Matting comes in Cinder.
Roll Specification: 3; wide X 50' long
Roll Dimension: 29" diameter X 36" tall


The sure answer for all your needs in industrial matting.

There are four major areas in which Sure Base Industrial Matting will provide returns for your business, including: greater productivity, greater protection, and greater profitability!

Sure Base on your workplace floor will prevent or minimize: 1) Breakage and damage of parts and components, 2) Damaging effects of fatigue, 3) Slipping and 4) Chemical damage

Sure Base has been extensively tested and its effectiveness proven in numerous independent lab and university studies. Sure Base is the only sure answer for all of your industrial matting needs. It's a complete solution - and here's why your workplace shouldn't be without it ...


Worker's fatigue is detrimental in more ways than one. Standing up on hard surfaces for extended periods of time can cause permanent physical damage, lowered morale, decreased productivity, and increased medical and workman's compensation claims.

The superior resiliency and elasticity of Sure Base reduces perceived fatigue by 44% over hard flooring. That equates to a huge difference in productivity and an increase in profits!

Body Parts Tested With
Sure Base
Without Sure Base Improvement With Sure Base
Upper Back
Lower Back
Upper Legs
Lower Legs
Source: 2003 University of Colorado, Mary Beth Lynch, PHD.

Lisson test DIN 54322 Score after 6,000 revolutions.
Working zone: 3-4, Stair zone: 3
Vetterman Test DIN 54323 Score: 3
(after 22,000 revolutions)
NBN G58-019 and SO/DTR 9405 part 2 Class T5
(ICCO specification)
Tear strength at break ASTM D 624 C 9.5 - 12.5 kgf
Tensile strength at break ISO R 974 13.0 - 15.5 kgf/cm
Bacterial resistance ASTM G22-70 Resistant (no growth)
UV resistance GME 00 002 with CI-35 Weatherometer After 1,000 hours: 3.5 to 5
Use temperature   -25° to +45° C

Radiant panel test NFP-92-506 M3
DIN 4102 part 14 Class B1 > (0.45 w/cm2)
NBN S21-203 Class A3
BS 476 part 7 Class 3
DIN 54-332 Class B2
Methenamine Pill DOC.FF1-70 Passes
Hot metal nut BS 4750 Passes
Fume toxicity and density ATS 1000 (Airbus norms) Resistant (no growth)
Flame speed rating ST 18-502/1 (UTAC standards) Class A

Sure Base is a trademark of GrassWorx, LLC


Slips happen! And they can be extremely destructive. Now you can lower the risk of slipping by installing Sure Base matting. The special anti-slip backing, unique tufted structure and a Coefficient of Friction of .6 * has proven Sure Base to have outstanding slip resistance. Loose-laid Sure Base can be easily installed right where you need it!

* Source: Chemir Study, 2003, per ASTM 1894A standard

Harsh Chemicals

The variety of solvents, acids, bases and hydrocarbons used in today's workplace can wreak havoc on your floors and matting. Protect your property by investing in Sure Base matting. It offers good to excellent chemical resistance to over 25 of the most commonly used industrial chemicals. (See chart below.)

Chemical Excellent Good
Acid chrome plating solution   X
Ammonium persulfate X  
Benzene   X
Chlorinated water X  
Cooking oil X  
Cutting oil (water base) X  
10% salt water X  
Electroless tin sol X  
Ethyl acetate   X
Ethyl alcohol X  
Ferric chloride X  
Gasoline   X
Norganic flux (Borax) X  
Hydrochloric acid X  
Lubricating oil   X
Methyl ethyl ketone   X
Methyl chloride   X
Mineral spirits X  
Nickel sulphate X  
Sodium hydroxide X  
Sulphuric acid X  
Sodium triphosphate X  
Toluene X  
* 7 days at 22° C