The industry’s fastest drainage system

Hydraway supplies are cost-effective because not only are maintenance costs dramatically reduced, but Hydraway is easier to install in the first place, reducing labor costs.


Water. All too often it is not where you want it. The Hydraway system offers easier and more affordable drainage installation than conventional systems. Designed for a myriad of applications like; sports fields, outdoor and residential waterproofing, the Hydraway systems have been applied for over 30 years.

GrassWorx is proud to be the exclusive supplier of the essential core components in the Hydraway 2000 and Hydraway 300 products for the Hydraway Drainage Systems superior product line. When water is causing trouble, look to Hydraway to simply move the water to where it should be.

Sports field drainage

Outdoor drainage

Residential waterproofing


Two solutions for water challenges

Hydraway 2000

Hydraway 2000 is a flat strip drain solution that is manufactured to last longer than other drainage systems and maintains superior performance over the course of its life.


Hydraway 300

By combining high compression strength and flexible polyethylene core with a higher in-flow rate, the Hydraway 300 system better relieves hydrostatic pressure alongside residential and commercial foundation walls and other subsurface structures than traditional systems.


Innovation from doormat to drainage

Like so many other innovation stories here at GrassWorx, our drainage innovation started from an engineer colleague who was working on the Clean Machine Daisy Doormat product while we were a part of Monsanto. One weekend he was playing golf on a wet, rainy day and had the inspiration that our doormat product could be wrapped in geotextile fabrics and put underground to help move water.

As the engineering team continued to work on this new innovation the product morphed to the design it has today.

GrassWorx proudly supplies the technical core of the Hydraway products today to keep water from being where it shouldn’t be to where it should.