Unmatched industrial matting

Sure Base floor mat systems are designed for the people and high-value parts you count on everyday.

Increase workplace safety and productivity.

Sure Base™ industrial matting is unlike any other industrial mat on the market. We use the ingenuity of our patented grass-like design to catch fallen parts if they do fall to the floor. No longer will workers lose parts that have fallen, nor will those fragile parts break on contact with the hard floor. Whether the employees grab the fallen part at the moment they drop it, or retrieve it by simply lifting the mat “turf” at the end of the shift, fallen parts are safe and easy to locate – saving you time and money. And the design also provides anti-fatigue qualities for your employees. Sure Base is a sure value to your industrial floor when you are working with small and high-value components.


Sure Base Mat

Roll Specification: 3’ wide X 50′ long

Roll Dimension: 29″ diameter X 36″ tall

Color: Country Blue


The sure answer for all your needs in industrial matting. Sure Base will surely help you in these four areas:

1. Minimize breakage and damage of parts and components

2. Minimize human fatigue

3. Reduce slipping

4. Reduce chemical damage.



Our unique Parts-Saver Construction saves components and minimizes breakage and damage to dropped parts. Pick Sure Base™ for greater productivity, protection and profits. Broken parts cost money. Sure Base™ will reduce the losses incurred, when dropped parts become broken parts.

The deep, resilient tufts cushion and protect dropped objects from damage on impact. Tests prove an 11% improvement on impact absorption over other tested surfaces, due to our unique Parts-Saver Construction. In addition, Sure Base™ will protect dropped parts from compression damage. Deep tufts in the matting fibers trap small items and will prevent them from being crushed underfoot. It’s a fact: Sure Base™ provides nearly a 27% increase in protection over hard surfaces.



Worker’s fatigue is detrimental in more ways than one. Standing up on hard surfaces for extended periods of time can cause permanent physical damage, lowered morale, decreased productivity and increase medical and worker’s compensation claims.

The superior resiliency and elasticity of Sure Base™ reduces perceived fatigue by 44% over hard flooring. That equates to a huge difference in productivity and an increase in profits!


Slips happen! And they can be extremely destructive. You can lower the risk of slipping by installing Sure Base™ matting.

Sure Base is designed with special anti-slip backing and a unique tufted structure that has proven Sure Base™ to have outstanding slip resistance. Loose-laid Sure Base™ can be easily installed right where you need it!



The variety of solvents, acids, bases and hydrocarbons used in today’s workplace can wreak havoc on your floors and matting.

Protect your property by investing in Sure Base™ matting. It offers good to excellent chemical resistance to over 25 of the most commonly used industrial chemicals.

Innovation that stops parts in their tracks

image of Sure Base industrial matting on production floor

When workers on the line at a wiring harness line kept dropping tiny, but expensive parts on the floor, it was time to innovate a new type of flooring. 

Looking at the physical properties of grass, and thus the physical properties of GrassWorx turf a new industrial mat innovation was born. Sure Base™ rolls are grass-like texture that both reduce fatigue of the workers and they eliminate the rolling of fallen parts and components.

Sure Base products have been relied upon in U.S, Canada, Mexico and the UK.