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Let the Ground Breathe

Xericover is a new hybrid turf solution where native plants can grow directly through a perforated turf that is easy to install and simple to maintain. The design allows air and liquids to pass through to the ground below, while also allowing plants to go up through Xericover. Now you can create an environment where plants can succeed while presenting a managed design.

Until now you were limited in your xeriscape design choices. You had to use rock and mulch around native plants, while incorporating traditional turf or concrete in areas where you had to choose not to plant anything. Remove the limitations and give native plants they air and water they need – anywhere in your xeriscape.

Lower surface temp than hard surfaces like rock

Perfect Turf for Water-Efficient Landscape Programs

Areas like southern Nevada are offering $3 per squarefoot to replace water-dependent turf grass with more water-efficient solutions. Xericover is a hybrid turf that classifies as a perforated artificial turf, but at a fraction of the cost of other traditional artificial turf options. Many other municipalities and states are creating their own programs to encourage removing high-water-requiring vegetation and replacing it with more water-responsible solutions. Consider Xericover for your ground cover needs and get a level of flexibility in your design you never dreamt possible.

Xericover is not commercially available yet, but we are excited to talk to potential distributors and customers so we can get you on our list when the product is available nationally. Click the Request Sample button below to send us your information. Thanks for your interest.

Xericover Benefits

Xericover is Flexible for Landscaping Design

Design Without Limits

Unlock your xeriscape design potential with a first-of-its-kind hybrid turf that is water-responsible, easy to install and it allows you to plant anywhere. Xericover works with any ground cover options, you select what is right for your local climate, conditions and preferences.

Xericover is Fully Perforated

A Truly Perforated Turf

A “turf” that not only allows water and air to pass through, but a turf that you can grow native plants through – a hybrid turf that lets the ground breathe. Xericover is a hybrid turf that is nearly 50% open. Our open design also significantly reduces the surface temperature in those long, hot sunny days.

Xericover is Lightweight and Durable

Lightweight and Durable

100 sf of a rock ground cover can easily weigh 1 ton, while the same coverage of Xericover weighs only 30lbs. Easy for your crew to manage, install and maintain. And it is a durable polyolefin that will stand up to the climate and foot traffic.

Xericover is Flexible

A Flexible, Arid Solution

In dry climates you need a solution that will direct the rainfall that you do get to the right spot. With Xericover that right spot is directly into the ground below it – so you have the flexibility to plant cacti or sedum anywhere in your design and allow air and water to reach them. Uncover the possibilities.

Xericover protects against erosion

Added Erosion Protection

When the rains do come, they often erode the landscape. Xericover also provides a layer of erosion control as both a secured ground cover and when native plants take root through it. Keep your landscape design in place as well as looking great.

Product Details: Xericover Hybrid Turf

• Product Coverage: 250sf (nominal)
• Product Dimensions: 6′ W x 43′ L (nominal) Actual minimum specs are 70″ wide x 43′ long.
Product Weight / Roll: 90lbs
• Color: Green
• Turf Blade Height: 3/4″ (nominal)

100% Recyclable at end of life 

Xericover ships in rolls that measure 6′ long with a diameter of 32″

4 rolls per pallet

Available only in full pallet quantities

Distributors Wanted
Contact Tim Petsch to discuss how you can add Xericover to your landscape offering.

Installation Instructions

Plan your landscape design

Design your space, determine where you want to plant your native plants and level the ground to remove any high and low points so Xericover can lay flat.

Unroll Xericover

Xericover comes in easy-to-manage rolls. Unroll in a consistent direction for a uniform green look.

Cut & Secure

Stretch Xericover with a hard rake to remove any “waves”, cut with shears or scissors to the shape of your space and secure to the ground with landscape stakes. Cut an “X” in Xericover where you want to plant larger cacti to have an incorporated look across your design.

*We do not recommend the use of metal staples of stakes because people and animals will be on Xericover

Request a Sample

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We’d be happy to send you a sample so you can touch and feel the design for yourself. Please allow up to 2 weeks for a sample to arrive (hopefully sooner). If you absolutely need it faster, call Tim at 314-997-8668.

The Story Behind Xericover

Designing solutions that mimic the properties of grass is at the core of innovation at GrassWorx. As more and more states and local municipalities incentivized grass-alternatives that did not require water we knew that our hybrid turf approach would fill a void in the market. The current market offered only a “turf OR xeriscape” solution – never the two combined. It was time to remove the limitations.

Considering the unique needs of warm, arid climates our hybrid turf design provides a unique solution that gives the designer and the landowner new options for their desert scape. Water shortages will be a part of our lives beyond just hot climates. Anyone, in any climate, that wants a mixture of native plant growth and grass-like ground cover should consider the one-of-a-kind Xericover hybrid turf solution – and uncover their landscape design potential.

Expand the design possibilities of your xeriscape