GrassWorx™ is nature-inspired innovation

Hen Nest Pads
for cage free and broiler breeder barns.

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Zoological Solutions
for Birds of Prey and Primates

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Industrial Mats
Keeping your employees on the floor safe.

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Dog Exercise Yard Hybrid Turf
The end to muddy paws and muddy yards.

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Commercial Entrance Mats
Reduce the amount of building maintenance.

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Erosion Control
Instant armoring at a
fraction of the cost.

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Road & Runway Texturizing
A better grip for wheels.

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Home Doormats
Keep dirt and bacteria out of your home.

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Spray Suppression Spray Flaps
Making the road a safer place.

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Acoustical Mats
Between floor sound suppression for multi-family units.

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Hybrid turf ground cover for xeriscaping designs

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Hybrid turf lawn product designed to patch, boost and protect.

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GrassWorx innovations can be found all around you. From the farm to home to dog parks to industrial floors to apartment buildings to retention ponds and beyond. Chances are you have been around a GrassWorx innovation today and didn’t realize it. Explore the innovations of GrassWorx.

“Learning from nature, improving lives…”

Why we innovate

We are inspired by the simplicity of grass blades

For those who believe that “there has to be a better way”, GrassWorx provides proprietary solutions inspired by grass.

Our solutions hold the ground in place, keep dirt outside, reduce the noise from neighbors above, move water to where it should be, increase road safety, promote the growth of real grass and provide a comfortable place for humans and animals to live. We are inquisitive innovators seeking new solutions that will perform better than current offerings in the market.

About GrassWorx

GrassWorx is made up of many commercial brands across many industries. We choose our industries based on the impact we believe we can have on people’s lives. Our common threads of great people, being inspired by nature and innovation can be seen across all of our commercial brands. Click on any box below to explore the “branches” of our GrassWorx tree.

Products & Brands

Erosion Control

Natura Logo

Hybrid Turf for Pets

Happier Hens. Cleaner Eggs.

Technical Simplicity Sound Control

The Hardest Working

Animals Flock to

Patch. Boost. Protect.

Let the Ground Breathe

Naturally Safe Texturizing

Productivity. Protection.

Stop Dirt at the Door


Spray Suppression