25 years of superior sound control mats

Grassworx Acoustical Matting products provide the sound protection needed between residential floors in apartments and condos. Our products are listed in UL rated flooring assemblies. 

Soften the footsteps from floors above.

Our SC line of products may seem quite simple to the human eye, but they are technically complex. The SC50, SC250 and SC190 products provide you with the right sound control depending on your needs. You are buying direct from the factory when you purchase GrassWorx Acoustical Mat products – this saves you money and you get the best performance.

Our unique design prevents crushing. Our light-colored backing mitigates heat transfer before gypsum slurry application – giving you a superior installation experience. Buying direct allows the applicator to set their own standards, not accept a supplier’s system standards. Our products are more durable than entangled mesh product and lighter weight and easier to install than rubber matting.

Our VP of Sales, Jim Torello, has been in the industry for over 35 years. His understanding of the needs of residential contractors is unmatched in the industry. Contact Jim to discuss your project and to get a product estimate.

Over 100M SF installed

Does not become brittle over time

Listed in numerous UL fire-rated systems

Made from 50%+ post-industrial material

GrassWorx Acoustical mat sc50


Acoustical Matting is available in 3 product thicknesses

SC 50
3/8″ thickness (nominal)
Covers 120sf (3′ x40′)
Weight: 30 lbs per roll

SC 250 “High Performance”
1/4″ thickness (nominal)
Covers 250sf (3′ x 83′)
Weight: 45 lbs per roll

SC 190 
1/8″ thickness (nominal)
Covers 300sf (3′ x 100′)
Weight: 50lbs per roll


Additional Specs:
Roll width – 36″ (nominal)
Color: Black with grey backing
Flap width: 1-2″
8 rolls can fit on one pallet
384 rolls = full truck load

The best in multi-family acoustical matting

GrassWorx Acoustical Matting products combine the best materials, engineering and industry knowledge for your project. Don’t overpay for an “all-in-one” product when you can buy the best acoustic control matting component for a fraction of the price. Our patented design achieves the highest results in the industry based upon the standard durability “Robinson” test (ASTM C627).

Our engineers buy the best components and understand the complicated physics of superior sound control to ensure these “highest results in the industry”. We have been proudly manufacturing GrassWorx acoustic mats for over 25 years and our products can be found across the United States.

Each of our three products are manufactured with at least 50% post-industrial recycled materials.

We manufacture in St Louis, MO, supporting local communities, and are able to ship products anywhere across the country easily due to our central manufacturing and distribution location. Don’t go the easy route, install the best and have superior sound control and keep your costs down.

Great ideas can come from anywhere

close up image of grassworx acoustical matting

An engineer at Monsanto in their auto headliner acoustics department became aware of a new demand for sound deadening materials. Multi-family apartments were being built in high numbers in Los Angeles, CA. The engineer was aware of the grass-like turf product and helped to create an innovation that would impact building codes in most municipalities going forward. The product structure has evolved over the past 30 years to create a solution that meets the environmental acoustical minimum performance in the current building codes across the U.S. Our current acoustical matting products look nothing like grass…to anyone but us.