AstroTurf for all kinds of animals

Animals of all types are drawn to our AstroTurf® products. The manipulatable substrate provides a texture that mimics grass and is easy to grasp.

Wrap posts for birds of prey to perch on


Our products come in 3 standard offerings

image of green birds of prey turf


3′ wide x 50′ long roll
150 total sf coverage
78lbs per roll

3/4″ tall grass blades
Closed backing

Color: Green


image of astroturf zoological grey turf


3′ wide x 55′ long roll
165 total sf coverage
100lbs per roll

3/4″ tall grass blades
Open backing

Color: Grey


image of astroturf zoological grey turf


20″ wide x 56′ long roll
93 total sf coverage
46lbs per roll

3/4″ tall grass blades
Open backing

Color: Grey


Product Features

  • AstroTurf® texture helps protect bird’s feet from pressure-induced lesions.
  • Aeration keeps birds cool, dry and comfortable.
  • AstroTurf is made of durable, easy to clean material that resists insects, rot and mildew.
  • Available in rolls that are easily cut to size.

A bumblefoot solution

People who care for birds of prey are well aware of bumblefoot and how it can inflict harm on these noble creatures. Bumblefoot is one of the injuries to captive birds of prey that may require the services of a veterinary surgeon.

Bumblefoot on birds of prey is mostly caused by inappropriate perching or by perching for too long. Adding AstroTurf® Birds of Prey matting to your program will provide an ideal perching solution that is comfortable and healthy for your birds. Plus, it will help reduce bumblefoot.

Foraging for food

Winged creatures are not the only ones who find GrassWorx products beneficial, several primate sanctuaries and zoos have found innovative uses for the grass-like product. The images to the right are an example of how foods can be smeared into and onto AstroTurf to reward the primate for actively engaging with the turf.

Better solutions for animals

Chickens and dogs have flocked to our uniquely designed “grass like” products, but it does not end there. The texture and manipulability of our innovations are also pleasing to animals like large birds of prey and primates.

Wrapped around posts, tubes and boards large birds not only get a better grip with the AstroTurf technology, but they are easy to clean and maintain, making the keeper of these majestic birds happy too.

Primates seek ways to engage their multiple senses, primate keepers put food deep in the “grass blades” of our product for their primates to seek out and work to get their reward.

More ways the appearance and texture of natural grass can be mimicked to provide real solutions for real challenges in all sorts of creatures.

Innovating for the wellbeing of animals

How does a doormat turn into a perch for predatory birds? And then, how do primates know to pick within the grass-like blades of that same design to find the food they demand?

Similar to several other innovation stories from GrassWorx, sometimes someone on the outside saw a solution from an existing product. The beauty of our design is that it has so many applications, and those continue to grow.

Today birds around the globe are drawn to perches clad in our turf and primates are stimulating their minds, and filling their bellies, thanks to the continued innovation and ability to design products that meet gaps in the market.