Turf. Reimagined.

Creating safe, clean and inviting spaces for your furry friends that will keep your home or business clean too. This entirely new solution will give you an instantly grass-like appearance that dogs will love.

Patch your yard to keep their paws and your house clean.

As a dog owner you are always dealing with muddy paws. Your pup wants to be outdoors, but you know that coming back in will be an ordeal when it comes to cleaning.

Natura™ hybrid turf provides a new solution that is inspired by your dog naturally wanting to smell the earth. Our patent-pending design allows liquids to pass through Natura to the ground below while keeping your dog’s paws well above the muddy ground. Natura also permits real grass to grow through it if you seek all of the benefits of a beautiful grassed yard. And unlike other ground covering options on the market, you can install Natura yourself, in no time. Our naturally inspired products are designed for home, the dog care industry and for dog parks alike.

Turf blades keep dogs’ paws above the mud

Grass can grow through and blends in seamlessly

Installs in minutes, no professionals needed!


Simple to install. Easy to maintain.

Small Roll 18_x15'

Small Roll 18″x15′

Large Roll 36_x25'

Large Roll 36″x25′

Pro Roll 36_x45'

PRO Roll 36″x45′

Innovation that stands up to dog's paws

Sometimes the simple solutions have simply been overlooked. We saw the vegetative growth coming through our erosion control InstaTurf® products and we knew that with some modifications we could create a product to withstand feet and paw traffic, as opposed to water. About the same time, one of our drivers saw our InstaTurf product on his truck and asked if it would work for muddy dog day care yards – he and his wife own a great business in Arnold, MO.

We tinkered and we tested to find a product that was a hit for their dogs, and gave them a competitive advantage. Natura was launched in 2021 commercially.

Natura turf is endorsed by the PACCC and Dog Gurus.