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rain safety

Keeping the road safe for truckers and other motorists with technology that reduces water spray.

Keeping truckers and roadways safer

With millions of cars and trucks criss-crossing the roadways of the U.S. everyday, products that keep all motorists safer are of high importance. Rochling is a manufacturer of spray suppression mud flaps that incorporate GrassWorx “grass”. These mud flaps, marketed under the names of SPRAY GUARD® and SAFE PASS® Aero mud flap are a proven way to keep everyone a little safer on the road when it rains.


Spray suppression technology




Improves visibility

Reduces drag

Promotes cleaner equipment

Innovation that spawned safety standards in trucking

In the late 1970’s a truck driver named James Reddeway, in the Pacific Northwest, was at home cleaning his Clean Machine Daisy Doormat with a hose. He noticed that the design of the grass blades on the mat did not have the spray of water that other things had when hosed off. James filed for, and was awarded, a patent. He later sold the patent to Monsanto. Monsanto invested tens of millions of dollars in developing stardardized test methods as well as manufacturing this innovative spray suppressing mud flap.

Later the UK wrote and passed legislation that all trucks are required to have spray suppression mud flaps on their trucks, the EU followed suit. While the United States has not adopted legislation around any technical standards of spray suppression mud flaps, several responsible operators in the U.S. are using spray suppressing mud flaps on part or all of their fleet. Notable organizations like UPS, FedEx, Exxon Mobil, USPS and others can be seen with GrassWorx technology to keep the roads safer.