Enjoy those you work with

Life at GrassWorx

There’s something special about being a part of the local community. We are proudly a St. Louis based, employee-owned private company. We branched out on our own in 2009 after the purchase of the assets of the North American Plastic Products business from Solutia, Inc.

The original leadership team remains in place and many more on our team have been with us for over a decade. GrassWorx, LLC. is the proprietary manufacturer of a wide range of plastic products including the famous AstroTurf® branded products. 

We are proud to provide fulfilling careers

What you are you looking for?

Are you looking for more than just a paycheck, but a place that you can learn and will support you along the way? Are you looking to enhance your skills and then apply new knowledge with your skills to achieve even more? Maybe you are looking for a team to be a part of—a place where you can grow your leadership skills by learning from people like you who have themselves become leaders under this very roof?

At GrassWorx we are proud to be St. Louis-built. We are incredibly proud of the work we do and nothing makes us prouder than to see one of our own earn the ability to retire from GrassWorx.

From the office personnel to the crew that manufactures all of this fake grass, we are all here to learn, grow, and to have a place where we can leave our mark. We invest in each of our colleagues and we want teammates who are invested in GrassWorx.

Roles at GrassWorx

The following are the primary roles at GrassWorx. If you see one that fits your skills, click the “I’m interested” button below it and tell us more about yourself. We keep highly qualified resumes on file. When a position opens up, we’d like to talk with you.

Process Engineers

Process Engineers at GrassWorx are responsible for implementing projects in the plant that drive continuous improvement in cost, quality, and safety as well as assisting the operators when there are production issues. Quality and doing things the right way are important to them. They have to be organized, curious, and able to communicate at all levels of the organization. Their innovative thinking is important when we are developing new products, which we like to do around here…A LOT!  

Maintenance Technicians

If you like fixing broken machinery, then a career at GrassWorx as a Maintenance Tech is right up your alley. Maintenance Techs at GrassWorx like to get their hands greasy and make things work. A lot of our equipment was built back when things were built to last and we like to keep those “classic” machines purring like the day they were new. Maintenance Techs help us do that through their strong mechanical aptitude, attention to detail, and trouble shooting skills.

First Line Supervisors

First Line Supervisors at GrassWorx, sometimes called Shift Leads, are the Sergeants of our manufacturing teams. Most of them started as packers and have worked their way up through the ranks. A strong passion for leading people to accomplish the mission is what sets these folks apart. They are never afraid to adapt and try something new. By listening and gaining the respect of their team members, they make sure our products are produced safely to the right quality, on time, and at the right cost.

Plastic Extrusion and Finishing Operators

At GrassWorx, our Extrusion and Finishing Line Operators are the glue that holds everything together. 24 hrs a day, they are on the front lines, running our production and packaging lines—day and night. Operators at GrassWorx excel at following complex written instructions.  They are able to manage multiple tasks at one time and remain focused in a fast paced environment—working together as a team. Our Extrusion Operators are taught how to run our Continuous Injection Molding lines. Because this process is proprietary to GrassWorx, this makes them the only people in North America with these skills and know how! Talk about being in a class of their own.

Warehouse & Shipping

Getting orders safely out the door, correct, and on-time is what drives our Warehouse and Shipping folks. This is where the rubber or should we say the “grass meets the road”. From our St. Louis facilities, we ship our St. Louis Made products to our customers spread out all over Canada, the US, Mexico, and Latin America. To do this effectively, our Warehouse & Shipping personnel have to learn and keep track of hundreds of SKUs and customer’s special requirements. They love the autonomy that comes with filling the daily orders and loading the trucks as they arrive. Being a self starter, having a strong work ethic, and an organized approach to their job are some of the keys to their success.

Images from the plant and warehouse at GrassWorx.

Sales & Marketing

As a Sales & Marketing professional at GrassWorx, you drive revenue growth through customer-oriented sales and marketing initiatives. You are a creative problem-solver with a deep understanding of the market and competition. You understand your customer’s needs, build strong relationships with those customers, collaborate effectively with internal teams, and use data to inform your strategies and measure success. You know how to find insights and act upon them to achieve results.

Customer Service

You are the epitome of the GrassWorx values. With every phone call, text or email you know you are representing the entire company. Our customer service team speaks with customers on a daily basis and is also process-oriented because you have to keep them all straight. Our customer service team also enters and tracks orders, assuring everyone that our systems are operating correctly so everyone else can do their jobs.

Plant Accountants

As an Accountant at GrassWorx, you are responsible for managing the financial health of the company. You oversee the preparation and analysis of financial reports and ensure compliance with financial regulations. Accuracy and attention to detail are crucial for your success in this role, as well as a strong understanding of accounting principles and practices. You must have excellent organizational and communication skills, as you often collaborate with other departments to gather financial data and provide insights to help inform business decisions. You must also be comfortable working with numbers and using financial software and tools to manage and analyze data. Overall, you play a critical role in ensuring the financial stability and growth of the company.

Images of GrassWorx employees.

Equal Opportunity Employer

GrassWorx, LLC believes all individuals are entitled to equal employment opportunities. Accordingly, it is GrassWorx, LLC’s policy to provide and promote equal employment opportunities for all persons without regard to race, color, national origin, citizenship, religion or religious creed, sex, gender identity or expression, military or veteran status, age, or physical or mental ability or any other basis protected by applicable federal-state-local law, rule, ordinance or regulation. This policy applies to all aspects of hiring, employment, training, wages, discipline, and dismissal.

Benefits Overview

We are proud to offer a competitive benefits package to full-time employees. Here are a few of the benefits offered by GrassWorx to our colleagues.

Matched 401k



Paid Vacation