Patch. Boost. Protect.

Do you have those spots in your yard that you can never seem to get grass to grow? Perhaps you have tried “everything” to fix the spot, but year, after year, it is an unsightly bare spot. With DuraGrass™ hybrid turf you can patch that bare spot instantly, and the patent-pending design will also help you grow grass through the turf and then protect that new grass so it can regrow season after season.

DuraGrass is also available pre-seeded – so everything you need is available in one product.

Fix those unsightly bare spots once and for all.
DuraGrass Turf Photo

As a homeowner, you are proud of your home and your lawn.

DuraGrass hybrid turf provides a new solution to fix those pesky bare spots in your lawn. Our patent-pending design allows sunlight and moisture to pass through, directly to the soil below. There is no underlayment needed, just lay DuraGrass directly on the bare spot. If you want grass to grow there, use your favorite grass seed, or choose our Pre-Seeded DuraGrass and water according to the label.  You can install DuraGrass yourself, in no time. DuraGrass provides the fix you need, in just a few minutes…and it’ll keep working in your yard for years to come.

DuraGrass™ instantly patches worn spots in your lawn.

Holds heat and moisture to help seeds germinate.

Turf protects critical part of the grass from wear + allows it to regrow, year after year.


Available with & without seed


Hybrid Turf

Bringing innovation to your backyard

Our hybrid-turf has been proving itself through erosion protection and dog turf for several years now. So the natural question is, “why can’t it work in my backyard?” 

Bare spots come in all shapes and sizes, and the multiple product sizes of DuraGrass can cover the smallest spots or an entire lawn.

Fix any bare spot in your lawn.