Naturally safe texturizing

The AstroTurf® 6000 product is designed to make sidewalks, roadways and runways safer for everyone.

Prevent slips and falls on sidewalks and patios.
image of AstroTurf 6000 texturizer



AstroTurf® 6000

Polyethylene grass-like blades

Crushed/textured blades collected in buds

8 Blades per bud

Blade Height is 0.6 Inch

Grab Tensile Strength: 150 lbs. ASTM D-1682

25″ Diameter x 50′ Length

Weight: 80 lbs.

Item #10246127

Color: Black

image of close up of astroturf 6000 texture

A safe texturizing product

Our AstroTurf® 6000, is an innovation designed with human safety in mind. Manmade surfaces are often too slick, too manufactured – it takes looking to nature to find solutions to make surfaces rougher, for the right reasons.

Our thousands of “cutting blades” score the concrete surface in an irregular, highly-effective pattern. It is the irregularity that we borrow from nature to keep us all safe on runways, highways and sidewalks.

The innovation was just upside down

Sometimes looking at a problem “upside down” will deliver remarkable results. In most applications, our product is used “blade side up”, but when we learned that runways, highways and sidewalks needed a better solution to increase friction we flipped our thinking “upside down”.

As opposed to burlap our products are reusable after being hosed clean, a sustainable, reusable option to keep people safe.