GrassWorx™ Timeline

At GrassWorx we have a long history of innovation derived from thinking, “what if?”. From our beginnings as part of a multi-national company in the 60’s to forming our own company and our own vision in 2009, to today. Here are some of the highlights we are proud to have achieved so far…and we are not stopping here, we continue to innovate to create real solutions to real, everyday problems.


1962 – AstroDome opens

Hard to believe all of this started with a baseball field. The innovations of grass-like products were just beginning.

1965 – Doormats reduce cleaning time

As dual income households increased, the need for products that reduced chores were in demand

1968 – Nest pads are hatched

American's demand for chicken and eggs was at an all time high, the need for a new type of nest pad was spawned.

1988– Monsanto sold division to Solutia

Not sure how the grass-like turf fit into the plans of an agriculture company, the division was spun off for the 1st time.

1993 - Sell $1M of Doormats in a single day

Overwhelmingly successful QVC promotion. Sell more in one day than ever before.

2009 – GrassWorx is born

Corporate managers saw the potential for innovation and started GrassWorx during the deepest moments of the recession.

2017 - InstaTurf rolls out

Created a new solution for erosion control with a product that protects like rock, but looks like grass.

2021 – Natura debuts

Launched the first hybrid dog turf, where dogs can smell the earth, but still stand above the muddy yard