Stop dirt at the door

What if there was a doormat that actually did what it was supposed to do? Keep the dirt from coming into your home.

A clean home starts with Clean Machine.

With dirt comes bacteria, so keeping your floors clean can also keep your family healthy. That’s quite a lot to ask of your doormat…or is it? Our Clean Machine® doormats made of Genuine AstroTurf® are designed to scrape the dirt and debris of your shoe, and trap it in the mat, below the surface. In fact, our doormats can hold up to 1 pound of dirt per squarefoot. That’s a lot of dirt and bacteria never making its way inside your home. And there is no doormat that is easier to clean. Shake the loose dirt free, then hose it off to get any stubborn trapped dirt.

At that point, put the doormat back in front of your door and keep your home clean all over again. Clean Machine™ Doormats, made with AstroTurf®, are all about being “green” for years and years after the purchase. You’ll start saving energy as soon as you put our mats in front of your door. And to think, all of this came to be as someone thought about how people use grass blades to scrape dirt off their shoe…genius.


The hardest working door mats







The Daisy Doormat Story

Marvin Boone is one of many innovators who have worked to bring new solutions to the market for AstroTurf® and GrassWorx™. Marvin was one of the people tasked with creating a grass-like doormat and his innovation is still keeping homes clean today. One of the evolutions from the original doormat was our timeless Daisy Doormat which has a daisy inserted into one corner. Daisy is an iconic symbol of our innovation coupled with design.

Innovation in door mats

From the AstroTurf that so famously was installed in the dome in Houston, to the hardest working doormats in the world, the innovation that produced doormats was the first in a line of meaningful solutions for everyday life. You’ll likely recall our famous, and kitschy, Daisy Doormat (which we still sell today). She was what put us on the map in the 1960’s. Combining the superior function of our doormats with a simple touch of beauty, Daisy led the way.

Since then, we have continued to evolve. Both in how we construct our “grass-like” mats and how we design styles that will work for any family. Our engineers are never completely satisfied, they knew that they could create a more realistic looking doormat. We developed a printed material that can create both visual and functional benefits. This medium gives us the ability to create many natural looks found in nature.

Our doormats today have designs to meet the needs of every outside door in the house, not to mention RVs.