Our grass products are made of polyethylene. Some of our products are made from over 80% post-industrial recycled polyethylene.

We proudly manufacture all of our products in St Louis, MO. 

We welcome your ideas, but we cannot guarantee that we will respond to every idea, or that the idea has not been thought up already. Any ideas submitted to GrassWorx become the intellectual property of GrassWorx. We are happy to work with people who already have a commercial application and work out appropriate arrangement. 

We are in the process of making some of our products available via an ecommerce store on our sites. Until that time, and for the products not available online, you can fill out a contact us form or call us between 8:30am – 4:30pm CST M-F and we will be happy to talk to you about your needs and help you place your order.

Our standard delivery time is three weeks from order placement. We work hard to beat that estimate, but that allows for manufacturing timelines as well as shipping timelines. 

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Shipping options depend on the size of the product and the amount of product ordered. Since we are primarily a B2B business, most of our shipments go out LTL or FTL. However, we do contract with shipping companies able to deliver to businesses that do not have a receiving dock. There are some products that can be delivered UPS or USPS. These are typically smaller items and are noted on the product information that they can be delivered UPS or USPS.

We offer a sf calculator on a few of our products. We also try to be very clear in the exact length and width of our products so you get what you expect. Please contact customer service with any questions.

It depends on if it has been manufactured (custom products) or shipped yet. Contact customer service and we’ll walk through the options with you.